This course (The Queen’s Code for Life) was so empowering! I love the clarity I gained for myself and having the men on the panel acknowledge they could see it was priceless! Kathryn, thank you for embodying the Queen so flawlessly. You demonstrated holding boundaries clearly, and helped me recognize my initial reaction and allowing boundaries to be good. Your serenity is beautiful to behold.

Allison K.

The embodied experiences of holding or collapsing my space was invaluable to me. Thank you so much for this gift of learning what staying in my power feels like in my body. (The Dance of Partnership workshop)

Lana T.

I loved loved loved the workshop (The Dance of Partnership). I loved the distinctions and am looking forward to integrating them into my life. I loved all the dancing to get it in our bodies.

Angela T.

The Queen’s Code for Sex was awesome! Wendy brings real life research and experience, along with her sense of humor, to a really important subject. She’s the best PAX teacher because she is so passionate about this subject!

Freddi W.

I loved this workshop (The Dance of Partnership)!! Thank you for creating such a great experience! I want to thank Kim. She has done so much to make our PAX community the great group of people it is! She is always so willing to share her knowledge and ideas. Thanks, Kim!

Catherine D.

Thank you so much for this workshop! I received so much value from this information, the panel, and Wendy’s generous spirit and warmth. I came in angry and full of angst. Wendy’s ways muted my icy exterior instantly. I leave here refreshed, renewed, and armed with the tools and the heart to be a better woman! Thank you.

Annabel C.

Thank you so much for providing us with these amazing tools! I feel like my eyes have been opened. It was done in a loving and compassionate way.

Casea B.

This was a very enlightening course. I’ve learned a lot, and as a result, I’ve eliminated old useless beliefs about men. I am recommending the Queen’s Code Workshop to my friends. I feel as though I have more power, knowledge, and confidence to deal with men as amazing partners.

Angelica R.

Wendy and the support team were amazing! This course was transformational and divine. Thank you.

Penelope C.

Wendy Newman was excellent and presented the content masterfully. The Queen’s Code Workshop hit the reset button on my dating resignation.

Anne D.