Local Leaders

Susan Jensen
San Francisco Regional Manager, PAX Community Connects Leader, Workshop Leader, and Coach

As the Leader for the San Francisco team, Susan is responsible for the overall organization and management of the team so it is in compliance with PAX Corporate requirements. She leads The Queen’s Code Workshop and The Queen’s Code for Relationships. Susan has a passion for bringing PAX to the community level so graduates and newcomers can live in a community that supports them and gives them access to PAX information in a variety of formats. She empowers and motivates the team to create an amazing PAX community for the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

Wendy Newman
Workshop Leader, Event Leader

Wendy Newman is committed to people feeling uninhibited, connected and free in their sexuality and relationships. She has led over 100 workshops about men, sex, dating, and partnership to thousands of women in the U.S. and Canada. Wendy leads the Queen’s Code, the Queen’s Code for Sex, and a variety of evening events for PAX Programs. Over the past 10 years, she has interviewed thousands of men on sex, dating, relationships, and women. Add to that extensive research, input from outside sources, and good old-fashioned trial and error, and what you get is someone who has something to say about men, women and dating. She’s a percipient and compassionate fellow dater who navigated her way through 120 first dates before she retired her dating scarf for lucky first date #121. They live in San Francisco, CA.

Janet Fjeldstad
Event Leader

Janet is a PAX Licensee who leads PAX distinction topics for our local community. She integrates the PAX principles in her work as coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker. She enjoys dance and integrates it into all walks of life.


Marnie Northrop
PAX Licensee, Community Leader

Marnie Northrop is a Certified Holistic Health Coach
who helps her clients create juicy relationships
with food, their bodies, and the people in their lives.
She loves sharing about the delicious partnership
between the feminine and the masculine because this
knowledge was instrumental in creating even more
freedom and ease in her body and life, which is what
she wants for all women.

EmilySturtevant_HeashotEmily Sturtevant
Events and Organizer of MeetUp Page Accountability

The Events Coordinator determines and coordinates with the Communication Coordinator to post events on MeetUp and other social media outlets. She also secures venues, tracks and saves attendees data, is responsible for attendees, and invites attendees to join community after they have attended event. She also works with the Education Team Leader and Regional Manager to schedule PAX sponsored workshops.

Hilary White
Education Team Leader

As Education Team Leader, I determine and coordinate education opportunities for newcomers and PAX graduates. I support PAX grads and Leaders, who have much information to offer the community. I am excited to create opportunities, where people can have access to this valuable information. I am also responsible for receiving and responding to emails.

Wendy Bemis-Albertson
Exploration and Inquiry Team Leader

As the team leader for Exploration and Inquiry, I keep current on PAX research and bring new distinctions to our team and community.